Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Way off the hook..."

Here's a little conversation that happened between Olivia & Braden today.  It made me smile.

Here's a little background information.
Someone...not sure who....has loaded an episode of Thomas the Train on the tablet.  For a few brief moments....Braden appears to be watching...and Olivia has noticed he is.

Olivia:  "Braden...why are you watching Thomas?  That is such a baby show."
Braden:  "Well...I know kids who are way older than me and they still watch shows like Imagination Movers."
Olivia:  "Yeah...well...Imagination Movers is okay, but Thomas???  That's just way off the hook!"

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Some G.O.M.

I can't remember if I've written a post about Julia yet, but she has definitely coming out with some funny stuff these days.  First of all, it's important to know how much Julia LOVES gum & candy.  She is always asking for some or raiding someone's purse to find something sweet!  When we lived with my parents for a while, Julia would pretty much be waiting at the door as soon as Gramma got home from work and her first words were, "Nama...can I have a candy?"  Of course Gramma was her biggest supplier!!!

Anyway...Olivia & Braden would often ask me for a piece of gum as well, but I didn't like when they would say it right in front of her because at that point, she wasn't quite ready to have gum all the time since she would usually swallow it within seconds.  So...I had the kids start spelling it when they wanted some and we would arrange a 'secret exchange' so that Julia didn't see or hear.

But...she seems to have caught on to this little game now.  While I was shopping with her the other day, she turns to me and says, "Mom...I need some G.O.M." do you say "no" to that!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Note from Olivia

Here is a note that Olivia wrote to her cousin *Brooklyn (love the spelling...LOL)


Dear Brookllen I reilly want to play with you
Is that ok Brooklln. I love you so much Brooklln



Ever since we got our van a few years ago, our kids decided to call it "Herbie".  So we were driving, they were having random discussions again, when Braden comes out with this.

"Mom, you know when we get into our van, it's kind of like Herbie is eating us.  And then, when we get out of the van, it's sort of like he is digesting us and pooping us out."

I said, "Oh yeah...that's interesting."

Then he says, "That's called a hypopathus."  (I think he meant, hypothesis.)

A Handsome Man's almost been a year since my last post.  But...our kids really set the pace for this.  Sometimes there are months where nothing is said or done that is really 'blog-worthy' and then there are days like yesterday, where they  pump out the 'funnies'.

So...yesterday, we had a snag in our plans.  My keys got locked in the van and we had to use my parents' vehicle to go and pick up my husband's keys so we could get in our van. We had to drive about 10 minutes and it worked out that Shawn's boss had to head our way we arranged to meet him at his house, where he would bring us Shawn's keys.  As soon as we had finished getting the keys from Brad, we drove off and Braden says, "Wow...he's even more handsome than I thought!"  I could not stop laughing!  I said, "Yes honey, he is a handsome man!"

Still chuckling to myself, Braden starts again, "And know how sometimes when we say things, you tell all your friends??  Well...when you do that, it makes me embarrassed."  So I tried to explain, "I know Braden, it's just that sometimes you guys say such cute things and I just have to share it with somebody."  To which he responded, "Well...can't you just share it ONLINE??!!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A few more funny videos of our kids...

These videos are all from 2009, so Olivia is 5 and Braden is 4. I decided it would be cute to put a few of our 'keepers' on here, even though that are a couple years old now. They are great memories and always make us smilie!

Olivia's first attempt at creating a song!

Braden's first attempt at creating a song (cause he has to keep up with his sister)!

And the song that Mommy & Daddy used to tell the kids that we were expecting another baby! It came in a recordable card that we gave to the kids and they listened to it so much that they memorized it!

Video Nov. 2009

An old video of Olivia & Braden, that always makes me laugh!